Can De Verbouwinkel also help with conflicts?

We can help by giving independent advice by producing a technical survey report, however we do not provide any legal support. Nevertheless the technical survey report will be a useful tool preventing or taking legal actions.

What is De Verbouwwinkel's level of expertise?

All our consultants are well-grounded and educated in the construction field, most of whom are engineers. We spend time and effort into training our consultants and keeping their expertise up to date, which is neccesary being the law & regulations are constantly changing.

Could you also execute my renovation plans?

We are a consultancy firm but ALSO a construction company. De Verbouwwinkel will work together with you to complete your renovation and/or maintenance plans and could execute these plans for you. This will prevent you from unnecessary financial risks and any unforeseen extra work. Your plan, our advice, and if requested our execution, the best result.

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