‘We think in detail with you about your new bathroom or kitchen’

What are the focus points for a new bathroom or kitchen?

When constructing a new kitchen or bathroom all disciplines come together. You will have your carpenter, plumber, plasterer, tiler and electrician all working in a small room. All parties do what they were asked to do, but do not think together with you. All problems or extra costs that arise during construction will come on top of their original quotation. This is not what you expected.

What does construction advice get you on your kitchen or bathroom?

No financial pitfalls

No surprising extra costs

No delays during construction

No stress and discussions with your contractor

No disappointing end result


We know the possibilities when constructing a new kitchen or bathroom. Plus, we think with you in detail and give you advice where necessary. This way you can design and sort your new kitchen or bathroom in the cheapest and most efficient way possible.

For example, did you think about the dimmability of the lights, electrical floor heating, light switches or towel heaters when it comes to your kitchen? Or did you think about where to place the light switches and the finish of the extractor hood? With a plan like this, the different contractors can tune their works with each other, and you end up with a complete quotation without any financial surprises.

When you use the tool description of works, you can easily compare quotations. Or you can leave the quotation comparison to us.

What does a new bathroom or kitchen cost? Calculate this with our personal advice.

Some of our tools

constructie berekeningConstruction calculation
When you are going to built or renovate your building needs to stay in tact constructively and also meet the current laws and regulations.

bouwbegeleiderConstruction supervisor
The supervisor will make sure sure that you can request for a quotation in one clear manner at different contractors.



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