‘Wait in peace till your dream house is finished’

What are the focus points for constructing a new house?

When you want to build your dream house on a piece of land, it is very important to pick the perfect contractor. After all, you will be stuck with each other for a couple of months. In this tender there are numerous pitfalls. Almost every contractor wants a project like that, so you get the most interesting quotations. These calculations are very complex though, and therefore incomprehensible for a layman. Also, 9 out of 10 that the total costs will be higher than what was actually in the quotation.

What does the advice on new houses comprehend?

No financial pitfalls

No surprisingly extra costs

No delays during construction

No stress and discussions with your contractor

No disappointing end result

Hoe kunnen wij u helpen?

We help you from A to Z with the construction of your house. This way you will not get any surprises during the permit application, design, technical specifications, tender and finalisation. We will prepare the technical documents for the different permit applications. The scale we use for these documents is 1 at 100 and for construction drawings is that 1 at 50, so that the contractor have a clear overview of the works.

Also, we will look for the perfect contractor that matches your project and design. For example, does your new project need to be more traditional or high tech? We will find the right contractor the right job. The different quotations will also be compared, norms will be checked and that everything is complete. You can wait in peace till your dream house is finalised. Do you want more information about the costs of a new built project? We can also help with that.

Small selection of our tools

constructie berekeningConstruction calculation
Tool in which we give advise on the possibilities and estimations of the financial consequences.

bouwtekenaarConstruction draftsman
Construction drawings are a necessity when you want to built or renovate, both in the preparation and construction phase.



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