‘renovate your house efficiently within your budget’

What should you take into consideration when renovating?

During a renovation in a house it is the time to take a closer look at the overall state. Certain measures reveal the other needed measures. Did you only want to renew the ceiling during the renovation? Suddenly the wiring behind it seems in need of to be replacement. Consequence: unforeseen costs. Do you want to have only solar panels installed? But then the roof appears to be worn down during the execution and needs also to be renewed. Do you only want to replace the floor? During the renovation, asbestos appears to be in the floor, or the insulation or fire safety is not sufficiënt. With a renovation, a contractor only estimates what you ask for. If you know in advance what really needs to be done? Then he can also help you better. This way you do not have any financial setbacks afterwards.

What does building advice provide for renovation work?

No financial pitfalls

No unexpected additional work

No delay in execution

No stress and discussion with your contractor

No disappointment about the end result


With our tools or tailor-made advice you prepare for the unforeseen during a renovation. This way you will be well-prepared at the contractor. And more importantly: you limit the costs for your renovation. We think independently with you, and look at what suits your situation best.

In other words: how do you expand your home as efficiently as possible within a certain budget? What are the pitfalls of a renovation? Which permits and quotations do you need? And what about the things you do not see? If required, we look at fire safety, burglary safety, level of insulation and weather the health standards are met. This way you can continue for years.

What does a renovation cost? Calculate it with tailor-made advice.

A SMall selection of our tools

constructie berekeningStructural Calculations
We make an appointment with you on location to discuss your wishes and advise you on the possibilities and give you an estimate of the expected costs.

werkomschrijvingConstruction Manual
Avoid unnecessary additional costs during construction or even disputes with your contractor by putting your wishes on paper as clearly as possible in advance before the quotation is requested.



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