Carports and garden sheds

For the realisation of a carport or garden shed you have come to the right place. We are highly experienced in both the construction and preparation phase and thus can arrange all the needed document for you. We would like to help you from the start with your first plan and how to execute this within the set budget and time.  Also, due to our specialisation in design and custom made construction we always keep an eye for detail.

With the construction tool Extension we can build your carport or garden shed completely following your wishes and without any surprises during the construction. We think along with your design and plan. Open and clear communication is something that you can expect from us in our quotations free of obligations. Quality and customer satisfaction is what we stand for. We are only satisfied if you are!

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
T: 085 876 95 26

We call you back within 24hrs

Do you need a purchase inspection? We call you back to provide more information.

    What do you get with a carport or garden shed

    • Directly an appointment for a house visit (mon / fri)
    • A trustworthy contractor with eye for quality and planning
    • Practical solutions and alternatives
    • No surprises during construction
    • Always one person to contact
    • A complete carport or garden shed, following your wishes
    • The required construction drawings and constructive calculations are also something we can make for you

    The costs of a carport or garden shed

    Do you want to know the costs for a carport or garden shed?

    Please contact us
    for a quotation free of obligations

    I was looking for an overview in the costs of the maintenance of my house for the coming years so I can save enough
    money. The report that de Verbouwwinkel had created was very clear and very comprehesive. Now I know exactly what I
    can expect in the coming 10 years and what kind of costs are including.

    Fam. KromjonghParticulier in Wassenaar

    As chairman of the Association of Owners of our flat, I wanted to get insight in the maintenance costs of the building. De
    Verbouwwinkel set up a long-term maintenance plan. We considerd the contact with De Verbouwwinkel as very pleasant
    and the report was very useful!

    VVE in Den Haag

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