What is an energy label?

Is it mandatory to hand in an energy label when selling or renting your house. It can be the case that you got a provisional energy label in the first quarter of 2015 from the government. This provisional label is based on information that is known of by the government. With the energy label buyers and renters can easily see how energy efficient the house is.

How do you get an energy label?

Private individuals got a provisional label of their house in the first quarter of 2015, based on construction year, house charisteristics, databases etc. We can help you to make the provisional label a definite energy label. You can access your label enquiry via  https://www.energielabelvoorwoningen.nl or get in touch with us adviseur@deverbouwwinkel.nl

Energy index

What is the energy index?
Next to the energy label there is also the energy index for houses. This is actually a more extended version of the energy label. Where an energy label is based on 10 characteristics, an energy index is based on 150 characteristics. Also, the energy index is a number rather than a letter, so for example a 1,6. The lower the number the more energy efficient your house is. The energy index is mandatory for professional landlords to determine the amount of rent that can be asked.

How can you get an energy index?
De Verbouwwinkel is certified to determine an energy index for houses. To determine the energy index a home visit is required, so an inspector will actually need to examine your house. It is mandatory to have an energy index if you want to rent your house to others. This can be professional landlords, but also housing corporations. The energy index can also be mandatory for some ‘green’ mortgages.

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Advantages of an energy label/index

Energy label

a definitive energy label

Can be used when selling your house

Summarised overview of energy saving measures

Energy index

Extended insight in the energy efficiency of your house

Energy performance of your house

Overview of energy saving measures

Easily to combine with personal advise

A definitive energy label

An index that can be used when renting out your house

Costs for an energy label/index:

Energy label: From provisional to definit: € 8,00 Incl. BTW
Energy index: Set price € 250,-­ Incl. BTW per house

Because I was going to sell my house, I needed an energylabel.
De Verbouwwinkel managed this very quickly, thank you!

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I have a few houses that I rent and where I need an energy index.
I am very satisfied with the services of De verbouwwinkel. They were fast and communicated wel

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