Energy efficient living

Energy efficient living asks for some adjustments to your home. Think about new window frames, good isolation for interieur and exterieur, windows with isolating glass, new heating techniques, roof and floor isolation and of course solar panels.  The consultants of DeVerbouwWinkel can give you advise, but can also implement the adjustments to your home themselves.

Making your home more sustainable will save money in the long run. But to save money you will first need to invest in the adjustments.

Following adjustments are most efficient:

  • Roof isolation*
  • Heat pump
  • Solar water heater
  • HR++ heater
  • Cavity wall isolation
  • Solar panels
  • Substituting single glass for isolating glass
  • Isolating floor on ground level*

* The government wants that everybody makes their homes as energy efficient as possible, therefore there are some subsidies available! We can help with the application.

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    What do you get with energy efficient living 

    • Directly an appointment for a house visit (mon / fri)
    • Practical solutions and alternatives
    • No surprises during construction
    • Always one person to contact
    • Direct insight in the savings, investments, return on investment, subsidies and other financial and implementation possibilities
    • When purchasing multiple products you will get a discount on the actual pricing.

    Costs for energy efficient living

    Do you want to know the costs for energy efficient living?
    Please contact us for a quotation free of obligations.

    I was looking for an overview in the costs of the maintenance of my house for the coming years so I can save enough
    money. The report that de Verbouwwinkel had created was very clear and very comprehesive. Now I know exactly what I
    can expect in the coming 10 years and what kind of costs are including.

    Fam. KromjonghParticulier in Wassenaar

    As chairman of the Association of Owners of our flat, I wanted to get insight in the maintenance costs of the building. De
    Verbouwwinkel set up a long-term maintenance plan. We considerd the contact with De Verbouwwinkel as very pleasant
    and the report was very useful!

    VVE in Den Haag

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