Buying a house is not something you do every day. Inspecting the construction is for us! During the complete visual inspection, the construction will be independently and thoroughly analyzed and inspected. Deficiencies and deferred maintenance will be written down in a report supported by a photo report. Deficiencies and deferred maintenance will be written down in detailled report supported by a photo report.
This report gives a clear overview of the state that the building is in. Furthermore, the costs for repair and deferred maintenance will be given so that you are supported when negotiating for the price of the house.
Our reports are written following the NHG guidelines en thus accepted by all financial institutions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
T: 085 876 95 26
E: info@deverbouwwinkel.nl

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Detailed purchase inspection

Directly an appointment for a house visit (mon / fri)

We walk trough the house together

Detailed technical inspection of the house

Construction deficiencies will be collected

Detailed purchase inspection with photo report

Costs for a purchase inspection:

House of 100 till 160m2 €399,00 incl. BTW
House of 160 till 300m2 €499,00 incl. BTW
others available on request

The purchase inspection of De Verbouwwinkel offers a complete financial overview including the price of the house,
maintenance and potencial future extensions before the client even puts his signature on the purchase-agreement. To give an example: An inspection revealed a roof in poor condition. The customer had plans to build a rof-top extension. The purchase inspection gave him a clear financial overview of the costs for the renovation and the extension.

Makelaar in Den Haag

Together with Bart van der Kruk of de Verbouwwinkel I walked through the house and fortunately there were few flaws. He has also advised on my renovation plans and the costs that come with it put in a row. Thanks for that.

Fam. WelzenParticulier in Amstelveen
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