With our construction supervisor you can get help with the supervision during the construction phase of your renovation or other project. If it is the renovation of your bathroom or dormer, the construction supervisor can assist in the management of the contractor. His or her experience in construction will help to solve problems that maybe seem too big to handle for you. This way certain delays or financial losses will be limited.

Our supervisors are very experienced in the fields of construction, renovation and maintenance.

Our supervisors can be hired per part of the day. Of every house visit, meeting or part of the day a report is made of the things that have taken place.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
T: 085 876 95 26
E: info@deverbouwwinkel.nl

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Feel free to contact us about this tool

What does a construction supervisor for you:

Directly an appointment for a house visit (mon / fri)

Independent advise during the construction

Supervision on the quality and progress

Independent advise for constructional problems

Independent support when conflicting with your contractor

What does it cost?

Price per part of the day (4 hours) including a digital report € 339,00 incl.btw

It became exactly what we had in minds, before the completion date and within our budget.

Fam. SulterParticulier in Den Haag

When you build something from scratch you only can do it once, so it has to go right once! We didn't know how we could manage it without their help.

Fam. de WitParticulier Kaag & Braasem
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