The quotation comparator is a simple tool in which the quotations you have asked for at contractors for your renovation or maintenance works maintenance works can be easily compared.

In our experience these quotations can differ a lot and there can even be some pitfalls in them that you may not notice at first. The total costs on the quotations can differ, while you asked for the costs for the same works at different parties.

De Verbouwwinkel takes care of the quotations so that they can be compared, are following your wishes, and financial pitfalls are clear. After we get the different quotations from you that you received we will start immediately with the analysis and report.

With the results of the comparison you can make a better decision to approve a certain quotation without any financial surprises.

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A quotation comparator, that is a handy tool!

Immediate comparison of your quotations

We analyse the quotations on completeness

We analyse the quotations on pitfalls

We analyse the quotations on quality

We analyse the contractors on creditworthiness

Costs for a quotation comparison:

€ 199,00 incl. btw

I had requested three offers from contractors for my building extension. The price difference was huge so I didn't trust it.
The advice from de Verbouwwinkel explained that the cheapest was lacking a lot of costs so I was very glad that I didn't chose for them. Thank you for your advice!

Fam. BeaujeanParticulier in Den Haag

I requested a couple of offers for my roof-top extension. De Verbouwwinkel compared them with eachother. It seemed that
the contractors didn't get my wishes, so I am very happy that I did this check! I also let de Verbouwwinkel do the drawings.
I consider the experience with de Verbouwwinkel as very pleasant.

Fam. BoekholtParticulier in Den Haag
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