With a description of works you can get works set out by contractors in one clear manner.

We make an inventory of your wishes and ideas and give you advise on how to set this out by contractors.

With a clear description of works you will prevent extra financial costs during the construction or even conflicts with your contractor.

We take care of all your technical wishes and put them in a description of works that also sets out your wishes for quality for the contractor. So you will not get any conflicts over these wishes with the contractor.

In our experience, a clear and complete description of works will prevent any financial surprises for any construction project.

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E: info@deverbouwwinkel.nl

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Choose for the many advantages of a description of works:

Directly an appointment for a house visit (mon / fri)

Advise on the elaboration of your plans

Description of works ideal for quotations

This way you will get clear quotaties of contractors

Comparing apples with apples

Prevent financial pitfalls and risks

Costs for a description of work:

Bathroom € 462,00 incl. BTW
Dormer € 462,00 incl. BTW
Extension € 694,00 incl. BTW
Opbouw € 694,00 incl. BTW
Renovation price is upon request

We received from the contractors comparable and sharp offers and the execution is realized without any additional costs
or time. To request offers from contractors with a clear description really benefits!

Fam. de BrokParticulier in Warmond

We always give de Verbouwwinkel the job to set up our work descriptions for our buildings. We always are very content, it
is a very clear document for our contractors to work from. That is why we never have any discussions during the building

Bedrijf in Den Haag
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