When you want to build or renovate, architectural drawings are a must for both the preparation phase as the construction phase of your project. If you are going to put your ideas to paper, drawings are the best way to make your ideas specific. Also, the architectural drawings can be used for asking for quotations at contractors. The quotations that you will receive from the different contractors will be based on the same information thus better to compare.

Furthermore, architectural drawings are mandatory for a license application and for specific construction on the work floor. If the contractor knows what to expect than this will prevent financial change order.
At the Verbouwwinkel we have several architectural draftsman that can assist u with your ideas and wishes and put your ideas to a specific plan and design with clear to read drawings.

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What is in it for me?

Your sketch turned into an architectural drawing

Drawings for license applications

Dimensions drawing for your contractor

Drawings in detail for the right finish

What does it cost?

€ 55,00 per hour incl.btw

I realized a permission free extension for my house. Because I don't have the architectural knowledge I firstly let de
Verbouwwinkel work out my plan. They were also contributing towards a better endresult! The plan really benefitted
from their help! The drawings were also very usefull for the contractors. I would really recommend you!

Fam. DekkerParticulier in Den Haag

I always design very schematic. This is not always sufficient for a contractor, so I asked de Verbouwwinkel to help.
The drawings were done in no-time and were amply sufficient! Thank you!

Interieurontwerper in Utrecht
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