Apply for an environmental permit

When you want to start building or renovating than in many cases you should also apply for an environmental permit. We can assist in this application together with the permit applicant.

Within an environmental permit a number of other permits can be applied for, such as a permit to build, planning permit, zoning plan exemption, permit to use, entrance permit, monuments permits, permit for demolition etc.

We make an inventory about which permits are necessary to apply for and take care of the complete application including the necessary drawings, calculations, reports etc. We will hold consultations with the local government and we adjust the documents one time when the local governments asks for this.

The constructive details can be elaborated for you at additional costs, see the tool construction calculation for this.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
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Request information

Feel free to contact us about this tool

Do you need an environmental permit? We can help you from start to finish!

Directly an appointment at your house (mon/fri)

We go deeper into the local regulations

We hold pre-meetings with local governments

Architectural drawings for license applications

License application at the local government

Consultations with institutions

Adjusting documents for application

Costs for an environmental permit:

Breakthrough €610,00 incl. BTW
Dormer €860,00 incl. BTW
Extension €1895,00 incl. BTW
Rooftop structure €1895,00 incl. BTW
Including surveying
Other permits price is upon request

The costs are including architectural drawings, consultation with local government, and the application procedure at your municipality.

Via Google we saw De Verbouwwinkel and directly ordered the tool online and we received it within the agreed time. We
received our permission after De Verbouwwinkel processed the requests from the municipality without any additional costs.

Fam. BosParticulier in Hoorn

I approached de Verbouwwinkel to get my design ready for the permission request. You were very fast and had a lot of
knowledge. I really appreciated that you were thinking along with me to the right solutions, thank you!

Architect uit Den Haag
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