When you are going to build or renovate it is important that your construction is compliant with current construction laws and regulations. These requirements are relating to rebar, load on piles, foundation works, floors, steel construction, walls and the roof. Furthermore, the safety of the building is completely depending on the right force and stability calculations.

We will make an appointment at your construction site to talk about your wishes and give you advise on your possibilities, also we will try to give an indication of the financial consequences. After this meeting we will work uit the construction calculations which you will receive digitally within 10 working days.

With the construction calculations of De Verbouwwinkel you will increase your chances for a permit to build.

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What is it for me?

Directly an appointment for a house visit (mon/fri)

Advise on the constructive possibilities

Calculations for the permit application

Advise on how to apply for a permit

What does it cost?

Breakthrough only beam €199,00 incl. BTW
Breakthrough gantry €315,00 incl. BTW
Dormer €260,00 incl. BTW
Extension €430,00 incl. BTW
Rooftop structure €520,00 incl. BTW
Others upon request

The structural engineer came by after the order and calculated the design. Directly after this the permission was requested.
Everything without unnecessary time being lost.

Fam. SmitParticulier in Den Haag

I removed the wall between the kitchen and the livingroom. The calculations of the steel framework has been done by de
Verbouwwinkel. The report is very clear. It was also very useful for the contrator that it included sketches!

Fam. de BoerParticulier in Den Haag
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