Tailored advice for your construction plans

Do you need other or more extended advice for example your renovation or extension? Than you can ask for a quotation free of obligations for tailored advice and you get a clear quotation within 5 working days. We could ask you for more details and information during the process so we can offer you a clearer quotation.

not appointed. When we ask you for additional information this could mean that in some cases we cannot make the 5 working days deadline that we set for ourselves.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
T: 085 876 95 26
E: info@deverbouwwinkel.nl

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Tailored advice: quotation free of obligations

Tailored construction advice

24/7 online order for a quotation

Get your quotation within 5 working days

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Quotations is free of any obligations

Costs for tailored advice:

Upon request

Our house is transformed from an office to a dwelling. De Verbouwwinkel helped us very well with the building supervision
and contact with the municipality. They clearly have a lot of experience and this resulted in a smooth building process.

Fam. NuboerParticulier in Den Haag

My experience with de Verbouwwinkel was very pleasant. Both during the preparations and during the time of building.
We had the time to focus on the nice parts such as selecting colours and the interior design because you took over our

Fam. de GraaffParticulier Rijswijk
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