The multi-annual maintenance plan is seen as THE tool to get an insight in the maintenance costs of buildings. Because this plan gives insight in the costs on both the short and long term, you can determine a maintenance policy to lower future maintenance costs.

Multi-annual maintenance plans for the short and long term are already a common good for most real-estate owners. If in a year the maintenance costs will be high due to for example the renovation of the roof top, a budget can be reserved or some maintenance can be moved along or adjusted. This way a policy can be executed where there is no more room for surprisingly high maintenance costs.

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What do you get with a multi-annual maintenance plan:

Directly an appointment for a house visit (mon / fri)

Advise on how to efficiently do your maintenance

Insight in the current state of the building

Constructional defects will be collected

Extended photo report with written explanation of the defects

Insight in the upcoming maintenance

Insight in the to be taken means for maintenance

Costs of a multi-annual maintenance plan

House of 100 t/m 160m2 € 335,00 incl. BTW
House of 160 t/m 300m2 € 496,00 incl. BTW
Others upon request

I was looking for an overview in the costs of the maintenance of my house for the coming years so I can save enough
money. The report that de Verbouwwinkel had created was very clear and very comprehesive. Now I know exactly what I
can expect in the coming 10 years and what kind of costs are including.

Fam. KromjonghParticulier in Wassenaar

As chairman of the Association of Owners of our flat, I wanted to get insight in the maintenance costs of the building. De
Verbouwwinkel set up a long-term maintenance plan. We considerd the contact with De Verbouwwinkel as very pleasant
and the report was very useful!

VVE in Den Haag

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