Home adjustment for seniors

Sometimes adjustment to your home are necessary due to physical inconveniences or extra living comfort wishes. If you are planning to stay and live in your house for some time, you can invest in constructional adjustments of your home. The consultants of de Verbouwwinkel can give you a personal advise of the adjustments that you wish. We can help with the plan, design and construction of practical adjustments so that you can live in greater comfort. The focus on a home adjustment is primarily on improving the access, mobility and living comfort.

Adjustments that we see the most are for example:

  • Adjustments in the bathroom; wall brackets, removing doorsteps, wider doors, bath lift or shower seat, toilet seat riser, etc. 
  • light switch at sitting height
  • Adjustment to the kitchen
  • Stair lift or platform lift
  • automatic door opener
  • prefab extension to bath- or bedroom or prefab informal care home

Home adjustments and Social support law

It can be possible that adjustments to your home will be reimbursed by your local government or health insurance. Some simple adjustments can be done by yourself and thus also be paid by yourself.

Are the adjustments necessary to live independent and without caretakers or to let your child grow up at home? And you are not able to realize the adjustments yourself? Than your local government is responsible for reimbursing the costs for the appropriate adjustments (also for youth). 

The consultant of de Verbouwwinkel can get information from your local government and check if you are entitled to a reimbursement. The local government can ask for a contribution for the adjustment, also if the adjustment is necessary for a child under 18 years old.

Local governments reimburse adjustments to your home for people entitled t the long-term care act, and who get care at home. For people with an indication for the long-term care act, a contribution does not apply. For children under 18 years old, the local government can ask for a contribution.

Reimbursement from your health insurer

Your health insurance can reimburse some tools or adjustments, such as technical support tools to control the lights, windows and doors. Also certain alarm systems such as flash ring bells for people with a hearing problem can eb reimbursed by the health insurer. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
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E: info@deverbouwwinkel.nl

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    What do you get with an adjustment

    • Directly an appointment for a house visit (mon / fri)
    • A trustworthy contractor with eye for quality and planning
    • Practical solutions and alternatives
    • No surprises during construction
    • Always one person to contact
    • A complete extension, following your wishes
    • The required construction drawings and constructive calculations are also something we can make for you

    Costs of an adjustment for a senior home
    Do you want to know the costs of this construction tool?
    Please contact us for a quotation free of obligations.

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